Magnetic Air Vent Phone Holder YSM 501MG


Magnetic Air Vent Phone Holder


  • Comfortable use
  • Angle adjustment
  • No size limitations


Universal magnetic air vent phone holder is perfect car solution with 360° rotation and adjustable angle for optimal screen view. The holder is designed for reliable attachment to car air vent grid.  In order to ensure safe and stable fixation to any grid thicknes you can adjust its grip force pressure by using two-position lever. The holder with a with built-in magnets for powerful and safe fixation of your device. The polarity of magnets is harmonised in order to avoid any affect on an attached device functionality. Premium materials are used to protect  your phone and air vents from scratches or damages. Accessory required for proper use is included in packaging.


Magnet size: Ø 33mm
Suitable for: 1.5 to 3.5mm grid thicknes