Cooling Notebook Pad YSN 110


Cooling Notebook Pad

YSN 110

  • Up to 15" Notebooks
  • 4 x USB Hub
  • High Speed Low Noice Fan


Adjustable height (6 lockable positions) make it possible to set the required viewing angle. Optimal heat dissipation from the notebook is provided by a powerful fan that can be turned off and placed in the ideal position depending on the type and size of the notebook (fan can be moved horizontally approx. 7cm left and right from the middle of the pad). The pad contains 4 USB 2.0 ports and a practical cable holder on the rear side (that can be hidden when you are not using it). Suitable for all notebooks up to 15".


Dimensions: 355x260x38mm
Fan dimensions:  Ø140mm
Speed: 1100RPM
Operating voltage:  5VDC
Noise level: 19dBa
Current: 0.38A
Weight: 680g