Cooling Notebook Pad YSN 120


Cooling Notebook Pad

YSN 120

  • Low noise fan with LED backlight
  • 2x USB port 2.0 (sync & charge)
  • Suitable for laptops up to 17" size


Low weight and ergonimic design will allow you to use it on your desktop or your lap while sitting or resting in sofa or bed. Fan with low noise level will not disturb you while working and it can be switched on/off any time. 2 USB 2.0 ports can be used for data transfer or charging of another device (1 USB port is used for cooling pad power connection with your laptop).


Pad dimensions: 380x260x24mm
Fan dimensions: Ø140mm
Fan speed: 1000 RPM
Noise level: 10 dBA
2x USB port 2.0
LED color: blue
Operating voltage: USB 5VDC
Current: 0.38A
Weight: 720g